Truemark Employee Handbook

Truemark Technology (Registered: Truemark Private Limited) is a remote first, quality focused company that helps entrepreneurs around the world build quality and impactful technology based solutions.

We want Truemark to be a dream workplace for engineers.

Our workplace should be pleasant and supportive and our engineers should take pride in:

  1. Building solutions that are down to the last detail, have pleasant UI and Intuitive UX.
  2. Help clients validate their ideas as early as possible.

This Handbook provides an overview of why we exist, our roles, our investment into staff welfare, our team norms, Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC) guides, and details of our processes, policies and benefits.

If you’re reading this just after joining the company, it’s particularly on you, actually. It’s harder for us slowly-boiled frogs who’ve been with Truemark for a while to spot the broken ways. Please take advantage of that glorious, shiny ignorance of being new, and question things.

If you're a visitor and want to use them, feel free to use them anywhere, but we'd appreciate that you linked us back in appreciation.

Contributing to our Handbook

We're a company that loves to improve our process continuously, so we're going to need everyone to help us keep this up to date. If you encounter something that you think should be in this Handbook or spot a typo, please feel free to open a pull request. If you have a question feel free to open an issue. This applies whether you're a Truemark employee or not.

For more information on contributing, including how to as a non-technical user, read our

Table of contents

Introduction to Truemark Technology

  • About Truemark – Why we do what we do
  • Welcome Pack – All you need to know when joining Truemark
  • Career Ladder – Expectations of the company at different levels of a role, a purpose of which can be defining how one might be promoted

Benefits & Perks

Balancing life and work:


Your guide to writing software and content at Truemark:

  • Folder Structure – Folder structure we use in Truemark per programming language
  • Blogging – Everything you need to know for writing content in/for the company
  • SCSS – Instructions to follow when writing SASS/SCSS code
  • Merge Requests – Everything you need to know about creating a merge request and everything that follows afterwards